November 25, 2020

Scrum Framework poster (2020 update)

In celebration of the new version (2020) of the Scrum Guide, Scrum Facilitators created a new version of the Scrum Framework poster. 

You can find the latest release free downloadable on github.

Also you can order your hardcopy in our webshop.

As we strongly believe in helping our fellow humans, the profit goes directly into our Scrum Facilitators charity foundation which enables us to invest in subsidized training & certification for those with less resource to invest (unemployed or self-employed).

If you look carefully, you'll see that the poster contains QR-code. We will add relevant content regarding the topic on a regular basis and update you as well.

Big shout out to Jenny Yung for the design and Randy Keyers for the opportunity to print it in high quality.

Scrum Framework 2020 version

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