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Scrum: A Framework to Reduce Risk and Deliver Value Sooner - Russian Edition

August 14, 2020

“We don’t care about Scrum”, is what we sometimes tell people. That certainly raises eyebrows. it’s our way of saying that it’s not about the Scrum Framework, but about what it makes possible. When you take this perspective, many theoretical questions become obvious or even pointless. Like “Should all items on the Sprint Backlog relate to the Sprint Goal?”, “Should a bug be on the Product Backlog?” or “Should I stop the Daily Scrum exactly at 15 minutes?”. It’s easy to get stuck in the minutia when you forget (or don’t see) the bigger picture.

We - Christiaan Verwijs, Johannes Schartau, and myself - love the Scrum Framework for what it makes possible. The official Scrum Guide already does a great job of explaining it in a concise manner. We want to add to that with an explanation in our own words, just like we do in our work with Scrum Teams and as Professional Scrum Trainers for Our aim was to write in a practical, down-to-earth manner from the perspective of what the Scrum Framework makes possible. Our intention was to support practitioners in deepening there understanding of Scrum and truly understand the "why" of Scrum. Which is also visualized in the illustration.

Why Scrum

The English version of the paper "Scrum: a Framework to Reduce Risk and Deliver Value Sooner" was already published a couple of months ago. The great news is that since this week, there's a Russian version as well! The past months, Denis SunnyKate VekovaAndrey Tolmachev, and Maria Alexandrovna put a tremendous effort into making the paper available for the Russian Scrum community. 

We hope you enjoy reading the paper and consider it useful! 

Russian version:
English version:

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