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Scrum-friendly Environment

December 20, 2022

In this blog I will paint a Scrum-friendly environment and culture with words, which helps you imagine the ideal Scrum environment to inspire, encourage and guide your organization to move toward. These are aspects of a Scrum-friendly environment:

1- Gentle flow of value delivery:

In a Scrum-friendly environment, there is a gentle constant flow of creating and delivering value to the market using an iterative incremental approach. Teams are able to consciously and rapidly respond to changes while managing risks. They work like a gun, shooting user stories one by one to the state of Done.

2- Empirical way of working:

Teams work empirically. It means they use past facts and lessons learned for the upcoming decision-making. How? by building and delivering done increments early and often and closing the Sprint learning loops. They use metrics to lighten their way with data. Moreover, they always put aside a part of their capacity for continuous improvement.

3- Values and professionalism:

Teams behave based on Agile and Scrum values and trust each other. You see professionalism in their behavior meaning they help their clients to be successful, work on themselves continuously to improve and help others as well with the same approach. They always volunteer to offer help.

4- One Push Button:

There is a literally easy release process by investing in release process automation. The ultimate state is “One Push Button” meaning by pushing one button they release their work to production.

5- Challenge themselves:

Teams challenge themselves by working on tough problems and removing impediments. They are encouraged to experiment new things and fail. Because every single failure is a lesson learned and decreases unknowns.

6- Working with goals:

Teams have a high level of commitment to work with various levels of goals such as Product Vision, Product Goals, and Sprint Goals, and put their best to achieve them. They commit to achieving their goals while being flexible about the How of achieving the goals.

7- Agile leaders:

Managers do not command and control ,instead they support teams as Agile leaders by empowering and encouraging self-management, self-organization, and self-monitoring within Scrum Teams. Moreover, they make good use of bottom-up intelligence and behave like a team gardener giving them all the sunlight and resources they need to be successful.

8- Good morale:

Finally, they have good morale in the team, support each other, are happy, and enjoy working as a team.

Now you have a clear picture of an ideal Scrum-friendly environment. So, promote and cultivate it in your organization and enjoy it.


By the way, how Scrum-friendly is your organization? Share it here.

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