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Scrum I Got

April 6, 2021



Scrum I Got (parody of What I Got by Sublime)

Chad teaches many courses - whether you are new to Scrum or ready to take Scrum to the next level. He may even play a song or two at the end of your course!

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Early in the morning, time for our Daily Scrum
Got to check our progress to get our Sprint Goal to done
I need some more work today  and you have an impediment
And these guys over here are fighting over test environments
15 minutes past now, our plan for the day is set
Let’s get these PBIs to done and acceptance criteria met

My Sprint is too short so slice your work real thin
And don’t break the build with every code check-in
Inspect the Increment at the Sprint Review
Demonstrate features both old and new
Have your Retrospective with your team
Improving each Sprint now that’s adapting

Scrum’s what I got, a framework I teach
And the name itself is a figure of speech
If it works well for you then you should go tell a friend
An agile framework I highly recommend

Scrum’s what I got
My agile school of thought  
Definitely give it a shot

Scrum is what I got
Where’s your backlog at?
Scrum is what I got
Inspect and adapt

I don’t cry when my stakeholders fight
Don’t angry at the code I have to write 
Don’t angry when my work is not done
After this Sprint we start the next one
Requirements and testing it’s all the same
Refactoring your code is the only way to stay sane

Let’s be agile, let’s use Scrum for agility
Empirical framework built on transparency

Scrum is what I got
Where’s your backlog at?
Scrum is what I got
Inspect and adapt!

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