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Scrum Master or The Scrum Master

May 14, 2020

Note - I have been running a series of webinars on this, and next is tomorrow at 7 pm Malaysia time. You can check here, and for further updates, you can join our meetup group

The Scrum Master


If you are new to Scrum Framework or would like to visit Scrum quickly, here is 3 minutes watch for you to get an idea about essential elements of Scrum. 



Scrum Master's role is unique, and comparing with any traditional roles will limit our thinking and exploring a beautiful journey of servant leadership. I wrote about why not to compare previously. You may like to scan it here.


What do we want to see our Scrum Masters doing most of the time?


What we want Scrum Master doing


How do we say what they do? When I ask people casually, what scrum masters are doing, these are the work that gets highlighted.


What Scrum Masters do


Then I observe, interact, brainstorm with Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Senior Management, and then I hear about what they are doing are here.


What Scrum Masters doing


Have you ever try to get deeper into why they are doing what they are doing? These are the four most common reasons that I have seen, observed, and heard. 

Why Scrum Masters doing

So what can be done to improve it? There is a lot to do in this field, but nothing substitutes learning new skills and gaining knowledge. Either formal or informal. I run remaining meetup on this topic and always welcome you to join me here.


People do ask where someone can formally learn all these. I run my own The Scrum Master training for three days, and in case you are looking for certification, then join me in PSM II training. What I recommend is here, but again not necessary and doesn't mean by attending all these will suddenly improve the definition of Scrum Master in an organization. It helps in making an informed decision by knowing the consequences of every action. 


Recommended for Scrum Master


Lastly, who I am and what I do? I am a servant leader for one of the popular agile communities called Agile 30, and we facilitate meetup, webinar, and mentoring in four countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and India). You can learn more about us here.


Naveen Kumar Singh Agile


Thank you for reading and recommending my work. Feel free to reach out to me on

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