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Scrum Master Studio : Platform to  Inspect & Adapt Scrum Mastery

May 14, 2018

Why have I started the “Scrum Master Studio”

       When many organizations wanted to incorporate Scrum, it was a big disappointment. The leaders saw it as a failed experiment that did not yield the positive impact one would hope for. Nevertheless, I have witnessed the transformational results and great rewards an organization reaps when it truly embraces Scrum values. Lets Inspect and adapt "Scrum Mastery".

Scrum adopts and implements “Systemic thinking”. A classic example that comes to my mind while thinking of “Systemic thinking” is IKEA furniture. They have passionately embraced the needs of each and every customer walking through their stores and have brought about such revolutionary concepts which still makes them undefeated.

I strongly believe , Such abundant benefits and revolutionary changes can be brought about using Scrum too and the key is - The Scrum Master.



The Scrum Master is an extremely important and powerful role in the scrum team. He/She not only serves the scrum team but helps in adopting scrum efficiently at the organization level. Are we truly justifying the role of a scrum master? Are we being effective? The scrum master provides a lot of value to the scrum team yet the role is often undermined.

In many Organizations the  scrum masters aren’t able to enact their role efficiently and face challenges in carrying out their basic responsibilities. All that is said in the scrum guide exists in theory but the big question remains how much do we implement this effectively on a daily basis.


Common sense and the organizational revolution:

Most of us have undue pressure from the organization on how to enact this role in a certain way, most of us are perceived to be managers often and expected to act like one in a scrum team. “Why does this piece of deliverable take 6 hours to implement? When is the delivery deadline for this product?” are questions commonly asked by scrum masters because the organization wants them to ask such questions to the scrum team. Too many Organizations and their people fail to understand is the Scrum Masters are not here to manage teams. The Scrum Master has a bigger responsibility of serving the organization and helping its people embrace scrum, once the Scrum Master is able to bring about such a radical change, it would revolutionize the organization.


Do we need a platform to connect?

We learn, adapt, practice and in fact coach scrum adoptions, so do we need a platform to inspect and adapt continuously? The answer is a BIG YES. The Scrum Master Studio was started keeping the larger picture in mind, making scrum masters adept in Scrum Mastery and help them through the impediments in organization and scrum team.

We want to bring out this platform to ensure that Scrum Mastery is given its due and enacted with passion and commitment.


There are lot of instances where we struggle striking a balance between the scrum team and the organizations on a daily basis, we might need broader repertoire to tactfully handle difficult situations and that’s where creating such a platform to discuss and brainstorm various scenarios helps in moving things forward without locally optimizing them. That requires “Systemic Thinking”.

Calling all organizations and shouting out Scrum Master is not a “Project Coordinator” - seems to be the need of the hour as well and I strongly believe this is the platform which will break the stereotyping of a Scrum Master role as perceived by the organization and actually help evolve a Scrum Master according to how Scrum characterizes the scrum master to be.

We have started a forum in Chennai which works towards "Humanizing Organizations". Our focus is in Chennai to Start with ,we are planning to start forums across India once we have more number of passionate people on board.  


Are you a “Systems Thinker “?

- then join us




Thanks to The Scrum Master Studio Crew- Chennai.

Special thanks to Maitreyi Muthiah &Umar for your efforts​.


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