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Scrum Master Trends Report — Prepare for Your Next Career Step

December 14, 2020

TL; DR: Scrum Master Trends Report 2019

Back in 2017, we started the Scrum Master Salary Report 2017—the first industry report that covered in-depth the educational background, working experience, industries, and organizational details of the companies Scrum Masters or agile coaches work for. In 2019, we partnered with—to create the 2019 edition. Moreover, we plan to continue the collaboration in 2021 with the next edition.

If you have to make a career decision early next year, you will find the industry data the Scrum Master Trends Report 2019 contains still very helpful.

Scrum Master Trends Report 2019 — Prepare for Your Next Career Step

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The Findings of the Report 2019

The Scrum Master Trends Report 2019 is based on a survey of over 2100 participants—both from’s as well as Age-of-Product’s member and subscriber base. The report focuses on trends useful to both new and experienced Scrum Masters and reveals salary trends, agile adoption patterns, while also exploring gender equality within the Scrum Master role. The participants represent 87 different countries and come from all levels of experience. It is by all standards the most comprehensive analysis of today’s working environment of Scrum Masters and agile coaches worldwide.

The highlights from the 2019 report include:

  • 81% are using Scrum with other agile practices, ie. Kanban, DevOps, XP.
  • Scrum Masters with formal Scrum training and agile certifications have higher salaries than those without.
  • Adoption trends show that 7% are continuing to use Waterfall while 11% are mature in their agile adoption; the remaining participants are early or growing their adoption.
  • Female salaries are trending higher than those of their male counterparts.

Lastly, now that we answered the questions of whether proper training and meaningful certifications are a valuable investment from a career perspective, you may want to check for yourself the return on investment by downloading your copy of the Scrum Master Trend Report 2019. Spoiler alert—it proves our gut feeling that investing in your education beats other forms of investments by far:

Scrum Master Trends Report 2019 — Prepare for Your Next Career Step

Download the previous edition hereThe Scrum Master Salary Report 2017.

Watch the Webinar on the Scrum Master Trends Report 2019

I joined a webinar with Dave West—the CEO of—on the report. We explored the results including salary trends and agile adoption patterns, addressed gender equality within the Scrum Master role, and answered questions from the audience:

Note: If the browser will not start the video automatically, click here to watch the replay of the webinar on the Scrum Master Trends Report 2019 directly on Youtube.

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The Conclusion

Let me quote Dave West for the closing thoughts:

“The purpose of this report is to provide Scrum Masters information that will help them learn more about global Scrum Master and Agile community trends. We have partnered with Age of Product on this initiative to provide the Scrum Master community with data to help them along their journey and provide insight to help them shape their careers and continue to improve.”

This is the mission behind the report: provide our community of Scrum Masters with the background information necessary to make career decisions.

If you found the Scrum Master Trends Report 2019 useful, please forward it to a friend or colleague—it would mean the world to me!

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