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A Scrum Master's Practical Toolbox

November 13, 2014

large“A Scrum Master’s practical toolbox” offers options, options from which Scrum Masters can select, and increase their understanding of their role as well as how the role was designed (Gunther Verheyen Directing the Professional Scrum Series,

It so happened that I carefully filled out the blog for a long time over the past few years. Moreover, I have accumulated a huge amount of photo and video material from training and coaching sessions. Add to this a large number of tools, approaches and practices that have been successfully tested on dozens of teams and organizations, and you will understand why my colleagues (Sergey Dmitriev and Alexey Pikulev) and I decided to publish and share our experiences in the book that we called

“A Scrum Master’s Practical Toolbox”

. We chose the LeanPub platform in order to get the constant feedback from our readers. The book is 60% ready now, it’s FREE and our forecast is to finish it by the end of the February.

Who may find our book helpful. The book was written for experienced Scrum Masters who know what Scrum is, managed to fill a couple of painful lumps on the head, and are familiar with its official description. We suppose that now you are looking for new tools, approaches and practices to become a more effective Scrum Master for your team/organization. But the book can also be useful for the beginners, as well as for the facilitators and coaches who are not familiar with the specifics of Scrum.

To be a Scrum Master is not an easy job. You are supposed to have skills in different areas: to be a servant leader, a neutral facilitator and coach, teacher and mentor with a deep understanding of the empirical nature of Scrum.

Why it is unique. In my view, several factors determine its uniqueness:

  • The book was written by three (3) people. We believe that one head is good, but three is even better. Each of us brings his own experience, tools, and was willing to share them with pleasure.

  • The book was written by certified trainers from three different organizations: ScrumAlliance,, Management 3.0. What a dangerous mix. Do you think we could easily find a common language? The pages were born In constructive discussions.

  • The book is highly practical, and so we stocked up with plenty of photos. We noticed that a lot of the text becomes boring, so we decided not to repeat the mistakes of other authors.

  • The book covers all (or almost all from our point of view) competence areas of the Scrum Master (Practices, Rules of the Game, Facilitation, Coaching, Change Management, Agile Mindset).


I also want to express my special thanks to Gunther Verheyen. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to write the foreword to our book. We really appreciate it.

Please feel free to download the book, it’s completely FREE. We eager to receive a feedback from you. Please let us know what you found helpful, what is missing and what you would like to see in the book.


My contacts: Ilia Pavlichenko:, @fancydev.


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