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The Scrum Values from the Development Team’s Perspective

September 8, 2020

The Scrum Values are like a compass guiding us on our journey of using Scrum, while exploring Scrum is a journey in itself. A few weeks back we started the journey of exploring the value of Scrum Values from different perspectives. Having done so for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Stakeholders, we have now reached our next: the value of the Scrum Values from a Development Team perspective. The journey was inspired by Gunther Verheyen’s post – The Scrum Values. I hope that my exploration of the Scrum Values may guide you in your journey.




  1. Commitment
    1. Development Teams commit to the Sprint Goal
    2. Development Teams commit to adhere to the quality defined as “Done”
    3. Development Teams commit to self-organization and collaboration
    4. Development Teams commit to uphold transparency so they can regularly inspect their progress and process, and adapt accordingly
    5. Development Teams commit to support the Product Owner in updating and refining the Product Backlog


  1. Focus
    1. Development Teams focus on creating “Done” Increments
    2. Development Teams focus on finishing work before starting new work
    3. Development Teams focus on preventing and reducing technical debt
    4. Development Teams focus on growing their cross-functional capabilities
    5. Development Teams focus on team goals rather than individual achievements


  1. Openness
    1. Development Teams are open about their work, the progress made and the problems encountered
    2. Development Teams show openness by collaborating with the Product Owner, the Scrum Master and the Stakeholders
    3. Development Teams are open for technical innovation and other ways of continuous improvement
    4. Development Teams show openness in managing tensions and conflict in a productive way
    5. Development Teams show openness towards emerging work throughout a Sprint that can help them better achieving the Sprint Goal


  1. Respect
    1. Development Teams respect the ordering of the Product Backlog as decided by the Product Owner
    2. Development Teams respect the users by delivering work of high quality and value
    3. Development Teams respect stakeholder expectations in terms of regular and reliable delivery
    4. Development Teams respect the Scrum Master for suggestions and help offered through a Servant-Leadership approach
    5. Development Team members respect each other’s opinion, skills, expertise and personal backgrounds


  1. Courage
    1. Development Teams show courage by not delivering undone features in Increments
    2. Development Teams show courage by embracing the uncertainty of a complex environment
    3. Development Teams show courage by raising impediments to their work
    4. Development Teams show courage by incorporating feedback and new insights while creating Increments throughout the Sprint
    5. Development Teams show courage by challenging each other and their environment in order to improve





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