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The Scrum Values from the Perspective of Stakeholders

August 18, 2020

I am continuing my exploration of the value of the Scrum Values for different people and roles involved in Scrum. Having explored the Scrum Values from a Product Owner perspective , I want to now consider the Scrum Values from the Stakeholder’s perspective.

For the purpose of clarity my definition of Stakeholders is –Anyone and everyone directly and indirectly involved and/or impacted by the Product being developed except the Scrum Team; Users, Customers, Management, Leadership.





  1. Commitment
    1. Stakeholders commit to foster an environment within the organizational structures for Agile product development with Scrum to be most effective
    2. Stakeholders commit to align organizational processes and procedures with the practices, roles, and principles of Scrum
    3. Stakeholders commit to regularly provide feedback to the Scrum Team on the product being developed and on the product’s market evolutions
  1. Focus
    1. Stakeholders focus on outcome over output, on the value of the work rather than the volume produced and utilization
    2. Stakeholders focus on adaptability and the ability to perform sensible adaptations given the complexity of product development
    3. Stakeholders focus on personal and professional development opportunities for the Scrum Team members over individual performance reviews
  1. Openness
    1. Stakeholders show openness for the new ways of working that revolve around adaptability rather than sticking to predictive plans
    2. Stakeholders show openness for collaboration with other stakeholders, the Product Owner and the Scrum Team
    3. Stakeholders show openness for self-organized decisions by providing safe and welcoming boundaries for the Scrum Team to operate
  1. Respect
    1. Stakeholders respect the decisions made by Product Owner for the product
    2. Stakeholders respect the autonomy and self-organization of the Development Team
    3. Stakeholders respect the new leadership style of the Scrum Master
  1. Courage
    1. Stakeholders demonstrate courage by admitting that no plan will stand the test of time and will be subject to change
    2. Stakeholders demonstrate courage by admitting that mistakes are part of the learning that is the result of a product exploration process
    3. Stakeholders demonstrate courage by working with the Product Owner on stopping the work if the return of development is becoming unacceptable


This post is inspired from Gunther Verheyen original post - Please do read the previous blog on The Scrum Values from the Product Owner perspective.



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