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A Short Story About a Scrum Team

March 3, 2021

This is a story about a Scrum Team using Scrum to develop a product, learning early and often how to optimize the value of the product for their users. While the story is about a fictional team, the application of Scrum that is shown here is realistic. Thus, this story aims to help achieve a better understanding of Scrum, especially for readers who have not yet experienced Scrum for themselves.


A Scrum Team at Amazing Decisions

Kathryn is the founder and CEO of Amazing Decisions. Her company develops digital products that help other businesses make smart decisions.

Kathryn has an idea for a new product. However, she cannot say for sure what potential users will think of her idea and the product. She’s had her share of surprises in the past. Kathryn knows that investing in an idea doesn’t necessarily lead to the desired outcomes. Fortunately, she also knows how to control this risk.

A new product idea..


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