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Six Insider Tips to be a Good Scrum Master

January 6, 2022


1) Stronghold over Scrum and other Agile Frameworks Knowledge.

A stronghold over your training gives you the advantage to set the tone right for your peers. For example, scrum comes with guidelines and values that a true leader needs to comprehend to help people understand the importance of continuous inspection and adaptation.

2) Organisational Skills 

The Scrum Team requires organizational support to deliver value. So to achieve that, A Scrum Master should continually expand their circle of influence. Of course, expanding the circle of influence cannot happen overnight, but it’s a journey. Furthermore, it requires teaching, coaching and convincing skills.

3) Have Technical familiarity

One of the crucial responsibilities of Scrum master is to work with the Product owner to find a process that enables the team to accomplish the goals effectively.
Though the Scrum Master need not be Technically conversant, having a keen understanding of high-level aspects of technical work will help Scrum Masters serve the teams to the fullest.

4) Teaching and Coaching Abilities

A considerable part of the scrum master’s work is to help everyone on the team understand the values and environment they will supposedly work. Scrum Masters achieve this by leveraging teaching and coaching skills. 

5) Conflict Facilitation

It is a process in which a neutral person helps a group work together more effectively. Thus the Scrum Master should be an expert negotiator and a facilitator to remain balanced to help the group solve conflicts for themselves.

6) To be a Servant Leader

True leaders lead by example. A good Scrum Master is willing to jump in and do their fair share of work. They put the entire team’s needs before the needs of an individual and help others perform to the best of their ability.

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