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Slaying the Dragons and How to Successfully Descale at Scale

June 24, 2020

Many organisations don't really want to change how they do business and believe that they can continue in the way they always have while still getting better at delivering software.

They are wrong!

While there are organisations that are successfully scaling out there, they are exceedingly rare. What are the commonalities between these organisations and how have they managed to get past the illusion of scaled agile to the values and principles that are allowing them to leave their competitors in the dust?

To go big, you must go small!


The Future of Work in Scotland

Since lockdown and going virtual The Future of Work in Scotland has gained members from many countries around the world due to there fantastic speakers and amazing organisation. Check out some of their incredible events from some of the most prominent agile and devops speakers in the world.


Upcomming Events:

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