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Strive For Balance

June 29, 2020

Extremes are everywhere - with nutrition, training, health, mindset, software, hardware, frameworks, business, competition , process, tools and people etc.

Strive for balance. You'll have so many people tell you the craziest of things they tried that worked for them like "magic"; all in the name of getting fit, losing some weight(fat in the system) or looking a certain way that's appealing to them.

But here's the truth many out there don't want to know - strive for "balance".

Balance is sustainable. Balance is what really works. So always choose a balanced approach to life, health, fitness and business agility. Not the one that's fancy and shiny on the outside, with no substance on the inside.

Choose "Scrum", it's gives you that balance - it's REAL.

Balance and moderation are expert moves.That's why a lot of us struggle with a seemingly simple and obvious framework like Scrum.

Until next time, sweat it out, rinse, recover and repeat !

#MakeFitnessAHabit #ScrumOn

Inspiration and References

- Co-founder and Coach Arvind Ashok ,at The Quad Fitness Pvt. Limited, Madras, India

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