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The University of Applied Sciences at Albstadt-Sigmaringen (HSAlbSig) Offers Professional Scrum Master training to Students

July 6, 2018

The University of Applied Sciences at Albstadt-Sigmaringen (HSAlbSig) is respected for its well-balanced curriculum. However, even the best curriculum can benefit from outside sources and experts. For that reason, the HSAlbSig has been offering seminars and excursions with the Association of German Engineers (VDI) – a well-respected body in the German industry.

The HSAlbSig is realizing that the concepts of agile cannot be ignored in this accelerating world and asked me to provide Professional Scrum Master trainings for the last five years. I turned agile in early 2000 and have been working as an agile change agent at various international blue-chip companies. Since 2010, I have been providing training with in Europe and was personally trained by Ken Schwaber.

The above mentioned intensive training augments the emerging agile material and have led to agile implementations not only in group exercises but also large-scale research projects.After seeing the success of agile, the offered seminars have been extended to include other new agile minded approaches like Design Thinking and UX. HSAlbSig is a great example how academy and industry can benefit from each other and create a stronger, more resilient work-force for the upcoming challenges in today’s world.

Starting as a professional in a non-agile project I was quite unhappy with the existing processes. After having attended the Professional Scrum Master Training with Ralph Jocham at HSAlbSig I couldn’t wait to implement it at my company. Fast forward – our Scrum Teams have grown to over 10 members in China, Poland, USA and Germany. Scrum has become the foundation for our collaboration and product development.

–Marco Stroppel, HSAlbSig

The full-fledged training has seen constant growth and now has a waiting list of students, even from non-engineering departments as well as from other universities throughout Germany.

Nowadays, it seems like every second company is trying to be agile. Thus, information about agile management strategies are inflationary on the internet. However, a lot of these articles and posts are superficial or even incorrect. Having had access to the deep knowledge and experience of Ralph Jocham is worth his weight in gold. I worked with Scrum before, still this training brought my understanding and performance to a completely new level. It solidified my existing knowledge and removed many misconceptions. 

--Benjamin Eha, Student, HSAlbSig

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