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The various levels of Services in the 3 Scrum Roles

May 3, 2016



The 3 Scrum Roles are:



  • The Product Owner

  • The Scrum Master

  • The Development team




The various levels of services in the Scrum roles are:



  • Scrum Master serves the Development Team

  • Development Team serves the Product Owner

  • Product Owner serves the stakeholders.




The accountability of the the various roles are:



  • Product Owner is accountable for the value being delivered.

  • Scrum Master is accountable for building High performing Scrum Teams by ruthlessly removing impediments and facilitating Development Team decisions. And the best way a Scrum Master can remove impediments is to empower/teach/coach the Development Team to remove them themselves. Only if the team is stuck the Scrum Master removes the impediments himself.

  • Development Team manages itself and is accountable to build a releasable increment of software that adheres to their agreed 'Done' at the end of every sprint



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