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[VLOG] 4 Reasons Agile Teams Should Reject Hypothesis Driven Delivery

April 6, 2021

When (Patricia Kong - Product Owner of Enterprise Solutions at taught me how to combine the chocolatey-goodness of Evidence Based Management with the hazelnutty-goodness of Hypothesis Driven Delivery, I was ecstatic! "AHA!", I says to myself. "This is the missing piece that will unlock the gates leading to the path of Agility for all my clients!", says I. Alas, it was not to be :(

I was disabused of this naive notion by my students and clients. "Not so fast, compadre!", they said to me. "This kind of theoretical B.S. only works in the imaginary "Agile Trainer World" that you live in, Ravi. Not in the "actual real world" that we live in." So they became my trainers and taught me four reasons why Agile Teams should reject Hypothesis Driven Delivery.

Being a compulsive trainer, I promptly recorded a video to share what I learned and pay their kindness forward. Can you watch this video and tell me what you think...?

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