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[VLOG] 5 Ways to Improve Organisation Agility

October 29, 2019

Hello awesome people. Just a few weeks ago somebody from the internet sent me an email saying that his company already used Scrum but he felt that it is not more agile than when he used waterfall. 

Using Scrum by itself does not automatically improve organisation agility. The result from the inspect-adapt process that pushes everyone in the organisation to challenge the current status quo is what improves organisation agility. When nobody challenges the status quo, no improvement will ever happen.

Scrum provides many opportunities for inspection and adaptation. One of thoset opportunities is during Retrospectives. But some teams I've met are skipping Retrospectives usually because they think it is a waste of time. When Sprint Retrospectives are facilitated effectively and team members are not constrained by their imagination and fear of failure, many improvements that contribute to organisation agility can be discovered.

If you have also face a situation where you are not more agile compared to when you used traditional approach like waterfall, I have made a vlog with a few ideas to inspire you a starting point to discover more ways to improve organisation agility. And most importantly, as said in this video, don't forget to measure your state of agility using Evidence Based Management (EBM). 


See you on my next vlog.

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