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[VLOG] Comprehensive Explanation on Definition of Done and Increment

March 26, 2023

If we summarise that 13-page Scrum Guide into a single sentence that describes the objective of Scrum, it is to continuously improve the Scrum Team's effectiveness in delivering one or more done increments consistently every single Sprint. The "Done" Increment is a tangible form of what the customer can use and what might be valuable for the customer. Every element in Scrum actually exists to increase the Scrum Team's capability in delivering "Done" increments every single Sprint.

As the Definition of Done and Increment is important in the Scrum framework, in this vlog, I elaborate the Definition of Done as the commitment of Increment. This video took me quite a while to make. I based it on my learnings working with several Scrum Teams in the past two years after Scrum Guide 2020 was published. I hope you can improve your understanding about Definition of Done and can create list of actionable improvements for your organisation after watching this video. Thank you for your time watching it. Have a great week ahead folks.

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