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[VLog] Deep Meaning of Discipline for Scrum Practitioners

November 13, 2023


What is the deep meaning of Discipline?

Discipline is the prequel to success. Nothing happens without it. Period.

If you want to be a successful Scrum Practitioner, you need to invest a lot in yourself to build a new identity and Professional Attitude. Then every single Scrum Team wishes to have you as a member.

Discipline has three parts: 

  • Awareness
  • Self-control
  • Action

Part 1 (Awareness): you know what you need to do to move you toward your goals. So, you don’t spend your time on non-goal-achieving activities.

Part 2 (Self-control): you have control of yourself. So, you can easily command yourself to do things. Even things that you don’t like to do.

Part 3 (Action): the time you become aware of the need for an action and the moment you implement that action are the same. The opposite of this part is procrastination. In short, we can call it “Do it now!”


But, what is the effect of building this type of discipline?

First of all, success is the result of a few disciplines compounded over time. If you don’t discipline yourself, your outside world will do it for you toward things that you don’t want.

So, you need to set up your success process to win.

Your process of being is more important than your goals. Because it gives you lifetime achievements, goal after goal after goal.

Bear in mind that the things you hesitate to do are going to be your greatest strengths. 

When you expand your attitude by developing your discipline, it becomes a peaceful and powerful process building a high momentum toward your goals. 

So, do your best to master all three parts of discipline.


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