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[VLOG] How To Create An Outcome Focused Product Goal

July 3, 2021

Hey hey hey. What is up awesome people? As for me, this month has been a busy month for me - working with Scrum Teams to improve their effectiveness. Ever since Scrum Guide was updated last year in November 2020, throughout early 2021 I have been inspecting and adapting with several Scrum Teams on the most effective Product Goal. What I have learnt so far, an awesome Product Goal should be simple, has clarity, measurable and inspires the Scrum Team to collaborate to achieve the Product Goal. This video summarises it all. I also use a sample for the Product Goal mentioned on this video that is close to what we all are experiencing right now so it can give you ideas for your own Product Goal. Hopefully it can help your and your Scrum Team to come up with  a simple, clear, measurable and inspiring Product Goal. Many videos I will create in the future will relate with this video and also the case study being used in it. This is just the starting point. So stay tuned folks. More to come ...

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