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[VLOG] How to Evaluate the Scrum Master's Performance

November 18, 2019


Hey everyone. How has your week been going? We are entering summer here in Perth. And in today's vlog, I'd like to share with you how to evaluate the Scrum Master's performance. As Scrum is becoming more widely used for product development, more companies are hiring a full-time professional Scrum Masters. Even though it is becoming more common, many companies still need guidance on how to evaluate their Scrum Master performance. In the past, I try to shy away from this type of question. But today, I found more and more CEO who are asking this question genuinely and it is quite unfair to the company if they have to waste a lot of money paying for Scrum Master who are not bringing any value to the company. In this VLOG, I share what I shared to my client on how to evaluate the Scrum Master performance. If you have the same situation as many CEO who has many Scrum Masters in the company, hopefully this vlog will help you to identify and retain awesome Scrum Masters in your company. And also prevent you from hiring the wrong Scrum Masters from the job market. Have an awesome day. ;)




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