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[VLOG] How To Express The Product Backlog Items as Hypothesis

August 29, 2021

Hey hey hey. How's it going awesome people? I hope you had a great week and keeping excited. I have noticed that several Scrum practitioners around me think that writing the Product Backlog items as a user story is mandatory. This is quite interesting, as Scrum Guide never mentions user story at all. From my limited observation, this is due to some tools in the market are not consistent with the Scrum Guide and several of these Scrum practitioners learned Scrum from these tools rather than from Scrum Guide. Anyways, besides this misperception, another reason why I made today's video is because I am currently on a client engagement to bring the UX professionals, designers and engineers to work collaboratively in the same Sprint. Is it only me or do you also notice that UX professionals and designers have the tendency to work one Sprint ahead of the engineers in a Sprint they call as the design Sprint? To change one's behaviour, you can start by changing the words we use at our workplace. In today's video I would like to share with you a complementary practice I currently use to express the Product Backlog items as hypothesis so that the UX professionals, designers and engineers can move out of a feature factory. Hopefully today's video can give you additional techniques for your toolbelt. Thanks folks. Have an awesome week ahead.


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