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[VLOG] How to Hire for Awesome Scrum Masters

December 6, 2019

Hello awesome people. Today I want to share with you my personal guidelines that I have been using to recruit/hire Scrum Masters from the job market. When I was in Melbourne last week, someone asked me to have a chat over coffee because he wants to share his challenge finding awesome Scrum Masters from the job market. He just got a new role in his organisation to develop a Scrum Master guild in the company and he plans to hire many Scrum Masters next year. However he is dissatisfied with the Scrum Masters he has worked with in the past because those Scrum Masters:

  1. Doesn't improve the organisation agility by an inch sometimes created status quo.
  2. Created a lower team morale.
  3. Doesn't improve the management confidence for investing more towards agility.
  4. Caused lower product quality and and technical debts in the product.
  5. Caused the whole organisation perceive hiring Scrum Masters as a waste of money.

In that conversation he asked for my personal experience and guidance for recruiting Scrum Masters from the job market. During the conversation I did not have any structure that I prepared for him. I found this conversation as an interesting topic. As Scrum becoming more popular in the market, there are many Scrum Masters entering the job market however filtering awesome Scrum Masters from the good ones are not easy. Interestingly the industry have learned that hiring bad Scrum Masters is bad for the company and expect more from Scrum Masters.

Here are my top tips that I have been using when recruiting/interviewing Scrum Masters. If you are in the position of hiring Scrum Masters, I hope you find this vlog useful. Don't forget to leave a comment below and share your tips when interviewing Scrum Masters from the job market.


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