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[VLOG] How To Run A Sprint Review ... Properly | Scrum Guide 2020

November 5, 2021

What is up awesome people? I hope you had a great week and delivering awesome products for your customers. So we have already learned how the Daily Scrum and Sprint Planning is commonly misunderstood. In today's vlog, we will learn about Sprint Review ... another Scrum event that has been widely misunderstood as a Demo or Showcasing or Acceptance Testing session. In today's vlog, I bust myths around Sprint Review and answer questions around Sprint Review according to Scrum Guide 2020. In this vlog, I also share an illustration how a Sprint Review should look like to give you an inspiration to run Sprint Review at your workplace. And here is the sample EBM dashboard mentioned in this video as an inspiration so that you can create your own EBM dashboard that you can bring to the Sprint Review. I hope today's video gives you an inspiration to level up your agility in delivering value to your customers. Have a great weekend folks.


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