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[VLOG] How To Save Time During Sprint Planning With #NoEstimates

October 28, 2021

What's up awesome people? I hope you are having an awesome week. I have been asked by several of my viewers to make a video about story points. I have been reluctant to do it because how misused and misunderstood story points has become in our industry. I explained how misused and misunderstood the story point in forms of parody in today's vlog.

In today's vlog, I also demonstrate a complimentary practice that your Scrum Team can use during Sprint Planning to make a forecast on how many Product Backlog items they should bring into the the Sprint with #NoEstimates. Yes, #NoEstimates. No estimates each Product Backlog item either in story points or even hours. I hope you enjoy the video and I hope you can find inspiration to cut time short in Sprint Planning so your Scrum team can spend more time developing awesome products.



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