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[VLOG] How To Shift From Self-Defeating Pseudo Agility to Authentic Evidence Based Agility

July 20, 2021
How To Shift From Self-Defeating Pseudo Agility To Authentic Evidence Based Agility

More than 10 years of helping organizations travel on the path to Agility have taught me some hard lessons about what differentiates the organizations that practice self-defeating pseudo agility from those who practice authentic, evidence based agility. Here is the essence...

  • ROOT CAUSE: What is the single biggest root cause of self-defeating pseudo agility?
  • 4 ATTRIBUTES: What are the four attributes of organizations that can make the shift?
  • 8 QUESTIONS: What are the eight crucial questions organizations should consider as they make this shift?
  • 7 BARRIERS: What are seven barriers that might impede the shift?
  • 8 SUGGESTIONS: What are eight suggestions that might help break through these barriers?

How does this compare to your experience...? What resonates? What doesn't? How would you make this your own?


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