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[VLOG] How to Start Scrum for Enterprise Transformation

January 18, 2023

What's good this week awesome people? Just before the end of last year I shared with you a video that maps out a starting point to start they journey towards agility. If Scrum is one of the options that your company has selected to start the journey towards agility, in this video I will share with you a structured process to start Scrum that I have used in several large scale transformation. In large scale enterprise or multinational company, sometimes starting Scrum from the senior leadership level is more effective than from grass-root movement. On the other side, there needs to be preparation that needs to be planned including communicating it to several individuals in the company. I am sharing this video so that you have an overview on where to start Scrum in large scale enterprise context. But bear in mind that this is not the only way to start Scrum, this is just one of the way. I hope you find some insights on how to start Scrum at your company and engage everyone with the process this year. Have a great week folks.

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