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[VLOG] How To Use Scrum with DevOps

May 29, 2020

What's up awesome people! I hope you are staying safe and healthy. In 2018, I wrote a blog about Scrum and DevOps. Interestingly, many people shared that blog on the internet. But on the other spectrum, many people today still asked me whether they should choose Scrum or DevOps if their organisation wants to go towards agile transformation. One of the reason they wanted to go with DevOps is because they assume DevOps is only about using tools hence they think it is easier to do while using Scrum requires organisation change and management support. Some other comments that I have heard from many highly competent software developers is that Scrum is just bunch of ceremonies that waste software developer's time. That is sad to hear.

The fact is, Scrum and DevOps works well together. Until today, I still promote Scrum should be used with other technical excellence practices if organisations want to achieve high agility in delivering value to their customers. DevOps cover many technical practices that compliments Scrum because Scrum is just a framework. But sadly, there aren't too many Scrum practitioners in the market that practice DevOps practices with Scrum. So I created this vlog about how to use Scrum with DevOps to give organisations some ideas and strategies on how to use Scrum with DevOps to increase their agility. This vlog has been sitting in my backlog for a while because of the pandemic. I hope you enjoy it and find it insightful. Please help me share this vlog so that more people can understand how Scrum and DevOps can be used together and so that more organisations start to inject technical excellence practices into Scrum. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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