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[VLOG] Intro to Scrum For Execs

October 26, 2020

On the 25th birthday of Scrum, I have a free gift for all Scrum practitioners...

Do you know any Executive who is willing to spend 15 minutes to save 15% or more on the cost of their company's Scrum adoption...? ;) 

If yes, please give them this free gift - a 15 minute video on "Intro to Scrum For Executives". It contains what I learned about the essence of Scrum from my gurus - Ken Schwaber, Gunther Verheyen, the community, my 1000's of students and my clients.

PS: Thanks to COVID, you have a chance to cut out the middle-man (me) and learn the essence of Scrum directly from my guru - Gunther Verheyen at one of his upcoming Scrum workshops. Hope you will grab this chance before we get a handle on COVID and you have to fly all the way to Europe to learn from him.

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