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[VLOG] Outcome Metrics As Scrum Team's Success Indicators

May 29, 2021

Hey hey hey. What's good this week awesome people? I hope you had a great week folks. On the last video we discussed what is a "product" according to Scrum Guide 2020. Understanding product is fundamental to having effective Scrum. Because Scrum is a framework for developing complex products, when we use Scrum, the Scrum Team success indicators should be about the product they develop. The organisation along with the Scrum Team should use outcome metrics as success indicators rather than output metrics like velocity, throughput or timeliness. But what are outcome metrics? Even though I can not tell you all of the outcome metrics you should measure, in today's video I share the thought process to come up with outcome metrics. After watching today's video, I hope I can inspire you to stop using velocity, throughput or timeliness as the key performance indicator of your Scrum Team and move toward outcome metrics. I hope to see more Scrum Teams in the market using outcome metrics as success indicators and stating it in their Product Goal and Sprint Goal. And I hope one of those teams is your team. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.

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