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[VLOG] Product Owner Is An Accountability In Scrum ... Not A Job Title

May 9, 2021

Hey hey hey. How was your week awesome people? I hope you had an awesome week and currently enjoying your weekend. So in this week's vlog we will continue our discussion from last week's vlog and also about a subtle change in Scrum Guide which I think is quite powerful when done right in our organisation. This week we will discuss about one of the accountability in Scrum called the Product Owner. Yes, Product Owner is an accountability ... not a job title as we see in some companies. But how would this change be any different in the way we implement Scrum or perceive the Product Owner? Is just a matter of wording right? Well words can psychologically affect our behaviour and the way we perceive something. In today's vlog I will also share some misperception about the Product Owner that we often see in the market. This vlog will be the basis of many of my future vlogs about Product Owner. So if you are an aspiring Product Owner or just interested in this topic, click away. If possible, share today's vlog to people at your workplace so we can see more Product Owners being elevated than undermined. Thank you and don't forget to stay awesome folks.


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