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[VLOG] Scrum 2020 Explained in 7 minutes ... without cutting down its core principles

November 28, 2021

What is happening awesome people? I hope you had a great weekend and ready for the week. Throughout 2021 I am seeing more companies are using Scrum. In this year I also noticed many teams are practicing what Barry Overeem and Christian Verwijs as the Zombie Scrum. These teams are just moving in motions. What's interesting is they did self-study and picked up Scrum from unreliable resources. Not only it is inconsistent with Scrum Guide 2020, these resources was also giving the perception that Scrum is just a mini-waterfall. It was my goal this year to help teams understand the spirit and the core principles of Scrum and move them away from Zombie Scrum & mini-waterfall hence this video. I made this video as a the starting point for Scrum teams to explore more about professional Scrum. I hope you can use it for your team too and help them improve their effectiveness and improve your organisation's state of agility.


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