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[VLOG] Scrum Master, An Accountability ... Not A Job Title

November 26, 2022

What's good this week awesome people? Have you ever seen how the Scrum Master been misperceived in your company? From my experience, the Scrum Master has been misperceived as an entry level role that only operates within the team level. Other top three misperceptions about the Scrum Master that I have seen so far are:

  1. The Scrum Master is the developer's personal secretary.
  2. The Scrum Master is the master of ceremony (MC).
  3. Or the Scrum Master is the event organiser (EO) for the Scrum events.

And of course there are many other misperceptions going around the company that the Scrum Master needs to straighten out besides these three I just mentioned above. 

To help people understand the accountabilities of a Scrum Master, in this vlog I give a visualisation the accountabilities of Scrum Master and the intricacies behind it. I hope this video helps you understand the accountability of Scrum Master. Have a great weekend folks.

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