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[VLOG] What Are the Differences Between Agile Coach & Scrum Master (Myth Bust)

January 16, 2020

Hi awesome people. Courage is one of the Scrum Values and as part of my New Year's resolution this year I would like to have more courage to point out the elephant in the room at the risk people may dislike me for doing it. I would also would like to have more courage to enter more healthy passionate debate this year.

Speaking up about the differences between Agile Coach and Scrum Master is one of my fears because often times talking about this topic with other agile practitioners can be quite tense - like what I experienced last year with an Agile Coach whom I worked with for a transformation initiatives. I have also found there are a lot of misconceptions about the Scrum Master role in the industry and also on the internet sphere. The Scrum Master role is often times watered down to not more than just the team's personal assistant.

Today, I am taking the courage to push the button to speak about the misconceptions about the Agile Coach and Scrum Master comparisons found on the internet. It's going to be controversial and I expect disagreements and dislikes. If you have the time, please watch my latest vlog. And as usual feedback is appreciated. Enjoy and thank you.


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