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[VLOG] What Are the Differences Between Project Manager and Scrum Master

January 2, 2020

Hey awesome people. I hope you are starting the new year with excitement. One of the most popular questions I got in my Professional Scrum Master (PSM) class from the past years is: "What are the differences between Project Manager and Scrum Master?". A long time ago, I would just tell PSM participants that the roles are different and should not be compared. But lately I listened closely to understand the intent behind their question. And I found out many of them know the two roles are different but they told me that they are inspired to become an awesome Scrum Master. They also told me that they understand that transitioning from Project Manager to Scrum Master requires behavioural shift and knowing the differences would be helpful for them to create the transition path and the effort they need to become an awesome Scrum Master.

Since I get these kinds of responses in my PSM class, I made this video to help other Project Managers out there who are in a similar situation, especially those of you who have made a resolution to transition to be a Scrum Master this year.


As I do not have any project management background, I would like to learn from you. If you are also a Project Manager who are transitioning to be a Scrum Master:

  1. What inspired you to choose to become a Scrum Master?
  2. What challenges do you find along the transition?

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