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[VLOG] What Does The Scrum Master Do All Day (part 2)

January 24, 2023

What's up awesome Scrum Masters? I hope you are serving people at your workplace and delivering value.

When I was a Scrum Master, my challenge in the early days of my career was I didn't have any great role model. Whenever I make decisions, my bias naturally kicks in. The Scrum Guide describes the Scrum Master as a true leader who serves ... but how is that different to other types of leadership that we already know? How does Scrum Master lead differently?

I also noticed, many new Scrum Masters struggle to interpret true leader who serves into behaviour. Some Scrum Masters took leading by serving too far as "team personal assistant". The Professional Scrum Master course discuss the 8 hats the Scrum Master wears as a guidance for leading by serving. Continuing the first part of "What does the Scrum Master do all day" series, in this video I made three cases to illustrate how Scrum Master leads by serving in the company. In between each case I also give commentaries about the decision the Scrum Master took. For those of your aspiring Scrum Masters, hopefully this video helps you become a better leader who serves.

Have a great week ahead everyone.


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