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[VLOG] What Is the "Increment" according to Scrum Guide 2020 and How Scrum is compatible with DevOps

September 18, 2021

Hey hey hey. What's good this week awesome people? The term "increment" can be a term that is confusing for some people who are new to Scrum. In this video I provide visualisation what the "increment" in Scrum means which hopefully can provide better understanding for people those of you who are new to Scrum. In this video, I also share how Scrum is compatible with DevOps and continuous delivery concept. For those of you who are still treating the Sprint Review as a demo session or as a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) session, hopefully this video inspires you to level up the game to move towards delivering releasable increments multiple times in a Sprint. Enjoy the rest of your week folks.


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