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[VLOG] What Is Technical Debt In Software Development And The Impact To The Business?

September 11, 2020

What is up awesome people? In this vlog, I talk about something does not get talked more than it should in the agile space even though some of the agile manifesto signatories like Ward Cunningham and Martin Fowler have concerns about it. In this video, I talk about technical debt in software development.

Many organisations with an iron project triangle mindset only think that Scrum is an iterative shortened waterfall. This kind of mindset often leads to technical debt in the product. In this vlog, I explain what technical debt, several reasons why technical debt happens and the impact of technical debt to the business. Hopefully you are motivated to support your software developers to be professionals and pay any technical debt in your product. Because agility is not about sticky notes and standing up everyday, agility is about the whole organisation's capability to deliver quality products.

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