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[VLOG] Who Should Be In The Scrum Development Team

May 19, 2020

What's up awesome people. I hope you are well and healthy as we are adapting to the new normal. Thank you for all of your continuous support to me during this downtime. So, in today's vlog I discuss about a topic that I've always wanted to talk about. One of the most asked question that people ask me in my Professional Scrum classes is "Who should be in the development team" in Scrum? I have found there is a common misperception in the market, that development team only consists of people who write the software codes. In today's vlog I explain the concept of development team in Scrum. I hope you enjoy this one. If you find today's vlog helpful, don't forget to share it. If you still have any questions, just post it in the comment section below. Stay safe and stay healthy folks.

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