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Welcome to the New Community Blog

August 13, 2014

The blog is branching out to include our entire expert community! Now, readers will get more than the occasional formal article. The collective wisdom of all 150-ish Experts will be streaming to you on a regular basis.

Help Seed the Content

The community has some of the smartest and most experienced agile experts in the world (just look at all the books they’ve written). These folks have an amazingly deep toolbox to draw from for inspiration in their writing, but why not tell them what you'd like to know more about?

What topics would you like the community to address on this blog? Let us know in the comments below, and keep in mind that the mission of is Improving the Profession of Software Development. Scrum just happens to be the primary way we go about delivering on that mission, but there is a wealth of tech industry wisdom in this group. Anything relevant to our profession is on the table.

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In the lead up to launching the blog, several authors have already contributed articles, which may not have shown up in standard notification systems. Don't miss these articles:

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