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What Career is Right For Me?

January 6, 2021

Which Role is right for me?

One question I frequently get from my students which role should I pursue? Should I become a Product Owner or Scrum Master? While there is no binary answer, I tried to put some of my thoughts as a blog. I hope you will find this useful.

If you,

– enjoy creating value by helping people develop themselves

– enjoy protecting the team from distractions

- enjoy being a true leader without using your authority 

- enjoy letting loose of collective intelligence

– enjoy being calm and composed 

Then, kick start your career as a Scrum Master.


Product Owners – Value Maximizers

If you,

– enjoy focusing on customer

– enjoy creating great products

– enjoy solving complex problems 

Then kick start your career as a Product Owner


*Please note that the infographic is used only for illustration purpose.

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