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What Does The Scrum Master Do When The Team Is Already Mature?

September 11, 2019

Every year I like to deliberately go somewhere far from the crowd to take a break and reflect. You can say that it's similar to a retrospectives. Often times I may not realised whether as a Scrum Master my service to the organisation is already effective or not. I may be continue doing what is ineffective and less valuable to the organisation. During this year's reflection, looking back at the past few years, I realised that the most common question I get from people I've worked with our from participants who attended the Professional Scrum Master class is, "What does the Scrum Master do when the team is already mature?" 

It's a very interesting question. But often times there is an unconscious bias behind this kind of question. As a Scrum Master, there is always something the Scrum Master can do to bring value to the organisation even in a team who is already super-awesome. Read my other blog here. I created a video for those of you who also ask this question,  "What does the Scrum Master do when the team is already mature?"  I hope it gives you some insights on what you can do even within a super-awesome team. 

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