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📈 Would you recommend SAFe®? — Join the Survey

December 15, 2021

TL; DR: Survey: Would you recommend SAFe®?

SAFe® has always been a controversial topic within the agile community. Therefore, back in 2017, I ran a survey on the Net Promoter Score® of the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe®. The result back then was -52. Four and a half years later, I believe it is time to rerun the poll: SAFe® has been through several iterations, and many more agile practitioners have experienced working with it. Moreover, the question still is: Would you recommend SAFe ®?

If you can spare five minutes of your time, please join the community effort and participate in the 2022 SAFe® survey.

Survey 2022: Would you recommend SAFe®?

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Participate in the ‘Would You Recommend SAFe ® as a Scaling Framework?’ Survey

The 2022 survey 2022 on ‘Would you recommend SAFe ®?’ is comprised of two sections:

  • A Likert scale: “How likely would you suggest SAFe ® to a traditionally managed organization to achieve business agility?”
  • The option to add a comment for later publishing with the survey results: “What is Your Opinion on SAFe®?”

To participate in the anonymous survey ‘Would You Recommend SAFe® as a Scaling Framework?’ please click this link to the survey’s Google form.

Survey 2022: Would you recommend SAFe®?

Recommended Reading: Would You Recommend SAFe® as a Scaling Framework?

Survey Results (2017): The Net Promoter Score® of SAFe® as a Scaling Framework is – 52

Trademark Notices for the 2022 ‘Would you recommend SAFe®?’ Survey

Please note that both SAFe®, as well as the Net Promoter Score®, are registered trademarks of their respective holders:

  • “SAFe® is registered marks of Scaled Agile, Inc.” For further information click here.
  • “Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.” For further information click here.

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