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YDS: Mastering Cycle Time & Right-Sizing PBI's in Scrum

December 13, 2023

The heart of this video lies in its detailed exploration of cycle time - a key agile metric. Understanding that cycle time is the elapsed time from the start to the end of a process, irrespective of the task's nature, is a game-changer for many project managers and teams. It offers a new perspective on assessing efficiency and productivity in project management.



Another highlight of the video is the concept of 'right-sizing' tasks. The video goes beyond the basic definition, delving into how right-sizing can effectively meet service level expectations and enhance overall workflow efficiency. This segment is especially beneficial for teams struggling with task management and seeking improvement opportunities. The discussion around using probabilities in forecasting, managing task variations, and improving prediction accuracy provides practical strategies that can be implemented immediately in any Agile framework.

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