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How to Measure and Tackle Context Switching: A Practical Guide

December 4, 2023
This article explores the concept of context-switching in modern work environments. It covers the significance of measuring context switches through self-reporting and digital tracking, and introduces tactics like setting focused Sprint Goals in Scrum, analyzing context switch data during retrospectives, and implementing Work In Progress (WIP) limits in Kanban. These approaches aim to minimize the cognitive load and inefficiency associated with frequent task shifting, thus enhancing overall productivity and job satisfaction.
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Context Switch: What It Is and Its Impacts

November 27, 2023
Context switching involves transitioning between various tasks or projects, often in a rapid and frequent manner. While this process can be necessary in dynamic work environments, it also carries significant impacts. This article delves into the concept of context switching and closely examines its potential effects.
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Effective Way of Engaging Stakeholders

May 24, 2023
Effective Stakeholder Engagement is key to the product's success and one of the essential skills all product people should have. This article is part 4 of the Effective Stakeholder Engagement series. - Stakeholder Exploration - Stakeholder Analysis & Mapping - Stakeholder Communication Strategy - Inspect & Adapt All the above steps are fundamental to having a sound Stakeholder Engagement strategy.
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Definition of 'Done': Dysfunctions & Tips

March 26, 2023
The Definition of 'Done' probably is the most misunderstood concept of the Scrum framework. In this article, we will learn some common dysfunctions or antipatterns associated with the Definition of 'Done' and also certain tips or remedies to overcome these.