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Bye Bye Velocity! Kanban metrics as an alternative to story points & velocity.

May 13, 2020

Estimates, story points and velocity are the most common technique to answer the question "When will it be done?". However, these practices sometimes prove to be a subject of dispute which does not allow the real productivity of a team to be recognized at its true value. The #noestimate movement or recent publications like “Escape Velocity” by Doc Norton demonstrate the limits of these Agile practices.

The 2019 Agile Survey by VersionOne highlights that one of the benefits of agility is to improve team predictability. How is it that we reject these Agile practices that should allow us to achieve this benefit?

Is there a more appropriate alternative to answer the question "When will it be done?" for the next decade in agility? In my opinion, the answer is yes and it is inside Kanban metrics.

During this virtual event, Louis-Philippe explained the Kanban metrics for Agile or DevOps teams. Although the Kanban delivery strategy is highly recommended in DevOps mode, unfortunately, its metrics are hardly used in our profession. Louis-Philippe therefore wishes to share its value with participants. Back at their workplace, Louis-Philippe hopes that participants will have new tools to answer the client's famous question "When will it be done?"

About the presenter Louis-Philippe Carignan 

Louis-Philippe has almost 20 years of experience as an IT professional. He has carried out almost all of his projects with agility. Today, he supports teams and organizations that want to implement organizational agility. Trainer with for 10 years, he teaches Scrum and Kanban approaches to IT professionals where he is recognized by the creators of each approach. He is an active blogger on where he writes about Kanban metrics.

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