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Characteristics of a Scrum Developer

Developers on a Scrum Team are committed to working collaboratively with other Scrum Team members to reach the Scrum Team’s goals. Several characteristics embody a professional Scrum Developer, for example they:

  • Are problem-solvers - Scrum is used to solve complex problems in which the solution is found through exploration and adaptation.
  • Live the Scrum Values - They live by the Scrum Values of courage, focus, commitment, respect and openness. 
  • Engage in continuous learning and improvement - They continually work to improve their soft-skills and the dynamics of the team; while also learning new skills required to build a valuable product.
  • Are dedicated to creating an excellent product - Eager to learn about the product, the product domain and the needs of customers and stakeholders. Actively engage with stakeholders during the Sprint Review. Care deeply about product quality beyond adhering to the Definition of Done. 
  • Support strong teamwork - Collaborate with other Scrum Team members and engage with stakeholders and customers.
  • Are adaptable - Respond well to change, such as the changing needs of customers and other stakeholders; and the order of the Product Backlog items.



For agility to thrive, the culture of the organization must support the fundamental concepts of agility. The Scrum Values - Focus, Respect, Openness, Commitment, and Courage - create an environment where empiricism, self-management and continual improvement are more successful.
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To be effective with Scrum requires something more than just following the mechanics and fundamentals of the framework, this requires mindset techniques for ways of working and thinking, and an environment that supports it including trust. 



Learning Series
In Scrum, empiricism refers to the idea that solving complex problems, or doing complex work, can only be done using an exploratory process rather than relying on predetermined plans. Learn about empiricism and complex work. Explore why trust is important for empiricism to thrive.




The following blog was written before the publication of the 2020 Scrum Guide and uses the term "Development Team." We no longer have the notion of a sub-team within a Scrum Team. We include this blog here because it does an nice job of describing the characteristics of great Scrum Developers:

Blog Post
Recently I wrote an article about the characteristics of a great Product Owner. It gave me the idea to do the same for the Development Team and Scrum Master. This blog post focuses on the Development Team; I'll describe the characteristics, skills and conditions. Great Development Teams... ...
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The Developers are the Scrum Team members that create the product. They have specific accountabilities to the team. Learn about these accountabilities and debunk a few myths about being a Developer on a Scrum Team.