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CIO - 7 Ways to Position IT for 2020

December 9, 2019

Forget about New Year's resolutions, which tend to be tossed aside and forgotten as soon as the champagne loses it sparkle. For IT leaders, the new year is a prime time for planning, organizing and launching new strategies and initiatives. Evolving business trends, security issues and increasing government oversight of many IT activities, combined with a seemingly never-ending series of disruptive technologies, make it essential to begin thinking about tactics and goals as soon as possible for a successful 2020.

Kurt Bittner is quoted in this article:

"Building empowered, cross-functional teams focused on delivering value to customers is the most effective way to improve the organization’s ability to deliver value to customers," explains Kurt Bittner, vice president of enterprise solutions for, a software development training and certification organization. "To create these teams, you must obliterate the barrier between business and IT. Look for ways to create digital products or services that help improve customer experiences."