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Conducting Sprint Reviews to assess progress toward goals

The Sprint Review is an opportunity for everyone to inspect the progress the Scrum Team has made toward achieving the Product Goal. It is an opportunity to examine the product Increment to see if it has delivered value to customers and reduced the size of the satisfaction gap.

As the Scrum Team and its stakeholders examine the achievements of the Sprint during the Sprint Review, they keep the Sprint Goal and customers foremost in mind. New features mean little unless they help customers to achieve outcomes. Just as bug fixes are only valuable if they are for features that the customers appreciate and use.

Sprint Reviews are an opportunity for the Scrum Team to demonstrate the product Increment and also to examine the Sprint Goal to determine if it was achieved. If it was not they should question whether it is still the right goal to pursue and adapt their Product Backlog accordingly. The Sprint Review should also reconsider the Product Goal to determine whether it is still valid in the light of what the Scrum Team has learned. 

Goals should never be mechanically pursued. They are best when they serve as catalysts for discussions.



The Sprint Review is a working meeting where the Scrum Team presents their completed work to their stakeholders and asks for feedback and guidance. Together, the Scrum Team and stakeholders discuss the progress made toward the Product Goal, any emerging changes in the business or technical climate a...
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Learning Series
Product Backlog Management is the act of adjusting and ordering items on the Product Backlog so that the Scrum Team can deliver the most valuable product possible. This learning series explores Product Backlog Management.



Book: Unlocking Business Agility with Evidence-Based Management: Satisfy Customers and Improve Organizational Effectiveness (The Professional Scrum Series) by Patricia Kong, Todd Miller, Kurt Bittner, and Ryan Ripley; Addison-Wesley Professional, October 31, 2023. ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0138244576

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